Jupiter Farms Local Pet Food Delivery.

Feeding a raw diet has never been easier! We are all about healthy happy pets & happy pet owners! Providing the highest quality, human grade , minimally processed, raw pet food. Packed with nutrients; it helps your pet absorb everything they need to thrive in a more natural way! Prepared for easy portioning & free local delivery, right to your door! Obey the Paw's raw pet food is 100% nutritious & healthy! Based on a Prey model diet- 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat. Free from fillers, additives & preservatives.

Florida's BEST Raw Food!

Sold by the Pound (lb)


Called up OTP and spoke to Chrissy on the phone. She was very polite and informative on the product. I ended up ordering 50 pounds of the house blend. Deliver came the next day free of charge. Prices were affordable and excellent service. Definitely will be using them going forward. Free delivery saves me a lot of time.

Tim Feld

Love the idea of feeding my collie exactly what she needs and nothing else.
Finally found a company that supplies raw meat in a form that is easy to handle and portion for our DAWG! She deserves nothing less.
Prices are hard to believe and the service is great!
Give it a try.

R. Guy

We love when Jayme comes with our Monday delivery. Our favorite day of the week. We have been on various raw foods for the past 2+ years and OTP is a keeper.

Crystal S.

Great product, great price, great people; I feel good knowing my dog is eating food that is fresh and healthful.

Kayla C

These are some of the nicest people I have ever met. What a great experience purchasing the best food for my lab.

TAnn Lewis

Best experience ever! Great company, reasonable prices and Chrissy was very helpful with transitioning my dog to the raw diet. Definitely will recommend to my friends and family!

Tracey Norris