Frequently asked questions

Q: How much do I feed?

A: How much to feed is calculated using a percentage based on your pup’s body weight.  Its recommended to feed, on average, 2% to 3% of their ideal adult weight per day. Some need a little less and some need more. You must also take into consideration your dog’s size, their energy levels, how active they are and how stressed they may be.

 Don't  get caught up on exact amounts, when you are feeding a diet full of variety and with meaty bones, your pet's diet will be well balanced.


Q: Are raw bones safe for my dog?

A: Yes!

 Raw bones are safe for pets to eat because they are soft and easy to digest. In fact, raw bones are a well-balanced food for carnivorous animals. They are a major source of calcium and phosphorus for the maintenance of their skeletons. The by-product of digested raw bones is the bulk that creates firm stool. 


 Q: Do I have to transition my dog slowly from kibble to RAW?

A: No! you do not have to transition them slowly. Keep it simple. The best way to get them on raw is to go cold turkey - it is not recommended to mix kibble with raw, as kibble takes much longer to digest and that can upset the pup's tummy. Feed your dog the last meal of their old food the night before,  and make the switch to the following morning. Most make the transition easy.


Q: What if my Dog/Cat won't eat it?

A: Try adding some bone broth/ gravy, the aromas will help entice them. 


Q: Do dogs need to eat Vegetables?

A: Absolutely!

It is not essential to survival, but it is beneficial. Dogs are not true carnivores (like cats).They fall in between carnivore/omnivore. Their wild canine cousins consume plant matter by eating the guts of their prey, which usually contains some sort of vegetation. They also scavenge for vegetation (including berries).

To add fruits/veggies: blend /pulverize fresh fruits and veggies, this helps with digestion and absorption. Add 1-2 heaping tablespoons at your discretion.

*recommend canned pumpkin, adds great enzymes, its easy to find ,always in season and pups love it!  Also, dark leafy greens, *mixed lettuces, spinach, baby kale. Steer clear of onions & starchy veggies(like potatoes & peas)