Introducing RAW!

  Let's start with the basics what is the purpose of food?

  • To nourish
  • To induce growth
  • To provide health protection

A raw food diet emphasizes uncooked  muscle meat ,organ meat, & whole or crushed bones. Also known as “BARF diet”, which stands for Bones & Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

The Raw Food diet has been around for as long as our pets have been around, designed by nature to thrive on natural raw foods, they are direct decedent of wolves:

  • Their anatomy has been adapted for a meat diet.
  • Their jaw muscles and teeth are designed for tearing and crushing.
  • They have smaller muscular stomach and short intestines.
  • They have powerful digestive acids.

Studies have shown that for our pets, processed foods can take up to 16 hours to pass through their digestive system, compare to Raw that takes up to 4.5 hours.

The further our Pets have moved away from their natural diets the more health problems have developed.

Why is this concept of feeding more important than ever?

For the past 40  to 50 years,  the invention of commercial pet foods has been making our Pet's bodies try to adapt to a new way of eating. Commercial process foods lowered the protein levels and increased the grains, carbs, and sugars. This is the opposite way carnivorous animals are meant to eat. Adaptation takes many generations to occur and during this process weaker bodies suffer diseases; our Pets now are on the 4th and 5th generations removed from their natural diet and as they try to adapt to this foreign diet, they will continue to develop weaker bodies and to be susceptible to more and new disease.