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Throw your Paw a bone! at $3.99 per pound, our Beef Me Up Marrow Bones are a perfect treat for a good boy and girl. Cut" from 1 to 3 inches.

Mix & Match between any of our individually frozen ON THE BONE options. For a full and nutritious meal for your Paw(s). Great for Treats & Training. Delivered right to your door!


Feeding Raw has the following benefits & Happy side effects: Helps prevent frequent vet visits, extends the life of your paw(s), keeps their coat shiny & healthy, it helps with weight control, improves their digestive system & many more!!

Serving: Place the individually frozen Marrow Bone in your Paw's bowl to thaw out away from their reach.

Handling: Frozen individually to help prevent cross-contamination, they should be handled, with the same care as your raw foods prior to cooking. Our Raw Foods are USDA Approved, Human Grade