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First & foremost we want to Congratulate you & Thank You on behalf of your Pet & our Team for making the switch to Raw food 


Changing your dog’s diet to raw dog food shouldn’t be difficult, Most dogs transition to raw food very easily. Whether you are switching from kibble, wet food or cooked food, you should see a clean plate within seconds .A few  things to take in consideration that are going to be factor in how long its going to take to make a successful switch, it can be immediate or it could take up to 2 weeks, but no paworries we are here to guide you the whole way:




Let's take a few moments to see in which category your Paw falls into:


Feeding Raw to any breed while in the Puppy stage is the ideal scenario due to flavor adaptation, and its definitely the best for them, so we strongly recommend soon to be, or already puppy pawrents to make the switch today. You shouldn't have any food rejection from a puppy when making the switch.As we know, at any age,  their stool is going to be your best tell in how they are adapting to the food, go to How to Feed my Puppy for more info.