Who We Are & Our Mission!

We are a former Marine & a former Engineer Certified SIRIUS Dog trainers approved by the NADOI, CCPDT, IAABC, Certified Raw Dog Food, Holistic, Advanced Canine Nutrition, Acute Canine Herbalism, Pet Nutrition Specialist & Pets Reiki Practitioners, 360 Species Appropriate Care Providers.


Our mission is to transform South Florida into the friendliest, best behaved, healthiest Dog in the country, by providing Species Appropriate, Care Training & Nutrition. To give the best long-lasting life for your paw possible. Come on board and Be Part of the Change, It starts at Home!


We are parents of two gentle giants, Callie Bear the Rottie, our Service Dog & Cable Rooski a Rottie-Shepherd mix Therapy Dog. We are dog lovers, friends, family, & neighbors!


As trainers, we know that discipline & optimal habit teachings are essential for a happy successful life.


We have mastered a nonviolent technique, that teaches any dog of any age can follow, with 100% positive reinforcement & trauma correction, no harmful shock collars or e collars. With 100% natural, organic, complete Species Appropriate Training, Foods & Health Care.


With Obey the Paw House training all paws, learn, play, exercise, nap & make friends, be the happy healthy four-legged family member(s) the way Nature intended.


We recommend to start the program from as young as possible, with puppies, time is of the essence, but if your paw is older no worries, we specialize Correction Classes, Aggressive Behavior, Fear-Based Trauma & more!!


Training Levels:

Puppy 1  (>8 weeks to 6 months)

Puppy 2 (7 months to 12 months)

Young (12 months to 2.5 years old)

Adult 1 (2.5 years old to 5 years)

Adult 2 (5 years +)


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