We are Full-time stay home pawrents of two Rotties, dog lovers, trainers, & neighbors!!

After working in corporate America we were blessed with the opportunity to retire after 12 years, to spend 100% of our time with our most loyal, loving, best friends we'll ever have for an amazing doggy lifetime. We understand not everyone can provide 24/7 attention to their dogs and we also understand that vacations are needed & not all vacations are pet friendly. With that being said, we are providing love and care for all the dogs of our community. For you!

As dog lovers, we also know that discipline & good teachings are essential for coexisting with paws. We have mastered a non violent technique, that teaches any dog of any age can follow. Now as you can see from our pictures we allow our dogs on the furniture (is pet resistant) & beds.

We provide 100% natural, organic, complete paw care, no harmful process food or chemicals, after doing much research, studying we have come to understand paws anatomy by natures design.

All paws are allowed on our beds (unless otherwise specified), therefore all boarding paws get a bath upon arrival, house rules, (bath & grooming is included in the cost). All paws get brush every night before bed, for healthy clean skin & coat.

We spend 100% of our time with our paws & friends, at Obey the Paw House is where all paws, learn, play, exercise, nap & make friends. The way Nature intended.

We are Stay home pawrents of 2 amazing, gentle kids, Callie a Service Dog Rottie & Cable Rottie-Shepherd mixed, our paws are our children, therefore, our main focus is to provide the best attention & care for all Paws, in a world in which we are so busy with jobs, lives, kiddos & more our loving paws often get the short end of the stick, So we say no more at Obey the Paw House Paws rule we are just here to obey with indefatigable love & care. My partner a Marine Vet and I are dog trainers & certified pet behavior & nutrition specialist. We provide daycare, boarding, group socialization sessions at our location, or one on one sessions at your home for puppies, leash pullers, biters and more. Come for a visit learn how to Obey the Paw!