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You may not think of the beef liver as having vitamin C, but it supplies 2 percent of this antioxidant. It's a tremendous source of seven B vitamins, providing 162 percent DV of riboflavin, 72 percent DV of pantothenic acid, 72 percent DV of folate, 66 percent DV of niacin, & 54 percent DV of vitamin B6. With 13 percent DV, the liver is also a good source of thiamine. Beef liver has two vitamins in quantities that exceed all the rest. It provides 338 percent of the daily value of vitamin A & a substantial 988 percent of vitamin B12.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that excess amounts are stored in tissues in the body & can become toxic. According to the Merck Manual, chronic toxicity in adults can develop if 150,000 to 350,000 IU are consumed daily, although osteoporosis may develop if more than 4,500 IU are consumed on a daily basis. For comparison, one 100-gram serving of beef liver provides 16,898 IU of vitamin A.


Beef liver is a great source of most essential minerals but provides a huge amount of copper (488 percent DV). It also supplies selenium (57 percent DV), phosphorus (39 percent DV), iron & zinc (27 percent DV for both), & manganese (16 percent DV). Beef liver provides smaller amounts of potassium (9 percent DV), magnesium (5 percent DV), sodium (three percent DV), & calcium (one percent DV).

Health Benefit

While beef liver contributes to so many different aspects of overall health, one specific benefit is found from finding such large quantities of vitamins B12, B6, & folate in one source. These vitamins reduce the levels of homocysteine in the blood & that results in improving cardiovascular health.

Mix & Match between any of our individually frozen ON THE BONE options. For a full & nutritious meal for your Paw(s). Delivered right to your door!


Feeding Raw Benefits & Happy Side Effects: Helps prevent frequent vet visits, extends the life of your paw(s), keeps their coat shiny & healthy, it helps with weight control, improves their digestive system & many more!!

Serving: Place 1/2 - 1 frozen block(s) of blend in your paw's bowl to thaw, away from their reach. Don’t forget to add an ON THE BONE options. For a complete & nutritious meal. Check out the Introducing Raw section to calculate your paw's daily serving.

Handling: Cut in blocks should be handled with the same care as your raw foods prior to cooking. Our Raw Foods are USDA Approved, Human Grade.